Thursday, July 25, 2013

What are the legal issues when you have a Child and you are not married to the other Parent in the State of Arizona?

Part 3

By Jessica M. Cotter, Esq.

Once the court has determined paternity and entered the parenting time for each parent, then they must determine the appropriate amount of child support.  In a paternity case child support can go backwards three years from the date of the filing and service of the paternity case. If you make payments to the other parent it is imperative that you do so by check or money order, that you keep copies and that you label the checks or money orders as child support.

Calculating child support in Arizona is not always an easy task. It is a complex mathematical formula that is re-evaluated every several years to assure that the calculation remains in line with the current cost of living.  The court looks at the following information in order to determine child support to be paid:

              1.     The number of minor children of the relationship;
              2.     The ages of the children;
              3.     Both parents gross monthly incomes;
              4.     If either party is paying spousal maintenance;
              5.     If either party is receiving spousal maintenance;
              6.     If either parent has a child or children from another relationship and if 
                      either parent is paying child support;
             7.     The cost of health insurance for the minor child/children only
             8.     The cost of daycare for the child of this relationship;
             9.     An adjustment of the amount of parenting time;
            10.    If there is any extraordinary ongoing cost for a child with special needs.

Once the court reviews all of the information the Judge or Commissioner inputs the information into a child support calculator which calculates the final dollar amount for child support.  The above factors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to calculating child support in the state of Arizona.

As you have already read there are several unique issues when there is a child born out of wedlock.  Please see the two prior blog posts.

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